Church REVIVAL is not just a church, it is a family and home for everyone who wants to find GOD. The church is represented by Pastors Dani and Sophie Hadjievi. Also the church has evangelists who preach the living word of GOD, under the care of Pastor Dani Hadjiev .

The establishment of the Revival Christian Church is a result of the vocation that Pastor Dani Hadjiev received. Here are some details about the Church – In 2015, Pastor Dani Hadjiev and his family visited the Christian Church for the first time in Thessaloniki, Greece !. There they believed in the living God and immediately became volunteers and ministers of the church. During his years of service to God and His work, Jesus Christ called His chosen one to give him guidance for the future. Through a dream and a vision, Jesus told Pastor Danny many times what God’s will was for his life, that he called him to have his ministry. Pastor Danny and his family were living in Greece at the time.

They worked there, they developed successfully, they had many businesses, their children went to school, and in general the Lord blessed them abundantly. But one day, going to the mountain of prayer and praying for hours, Jesus appeared to Pastor Dani Hadjiev and told him: “You did not choose me, but I chose you. Get up and go to Bulgaria “, because you will bring and bring the REVIVAL to Bulgaria”. Shaken by the experience, the pastor shared it with his family. Without thinking, they unanimously leave, leaving behind established businesses, friends, property and go. Arriving in Bulgaria and spending several months reading the word of God, he prays on the Mount of Prayer and waits for Jesus to tell him exactly where the church will be and when it will be opened.

And in September 2021 the place was found, God showed Pastor Dani Hadjiev where the church building will be. Without wasting time, he rented the place and started repair work, because there is no time, because in a vision God says “10 10”, namely that the first service will be on October 10, 2021. It is no coincidence that this is the pastor’s birthday. .
Opening the Christian Church Revival, with God’s mercy and grace, serving God with all heart and soul, the Revival family are very blessed and rejoice every brother and sister who attends the church. Thus every Sunday a service is held in the name of JESUS ​​CHRIST.